What is Fencing?

Fencing is the Olympic sport of sword-fighting that teaches discipline, dexterity and endurance. You use footwork and handwork to score touches on your opponent with the tip of your blade. There are three weapons in fencing: the Foil, Épeé and Sabre. The sport of fencing is fast and athletic.  It is a very far cry from the choreographed bouts you see on film or on the stage.  Instead of swinging from a chandelier or leaping off balconies, you will see two skilled athletes moving back and forth on a 6 ft. by 44 ft. strip.  The action is so fast the touches are scored electronically.

Why fence?

Endurance & Dexterity Speed — To score, you must be faster than your opponent!

Tactics and strategy — You will learn how to defend against attacks, and how to penetrate your opponent’s defenses.

Honor — You must be gracious when you win, and learn from your losses.

Confidence — Put it all together, and you really learn what you can do!

How does fencing reward you?

Health — Fencing builds leg strength and endurance, improves posture, and promotes cardio-vascular conditioning.

Fun — Fencing (and your opponents) never stops challenging you, so you will gain more satisfaction with each skill mastered.

College — There are many meaningful recruitment and scholarship opportunities for fencing. It also looks good on an application.

What are the ages? 

The camp is open for children ages 8-18 boys and girls.  This camp is open to anyone who wants to learn how to fence and is 8 years or over.  The average age of the camper ranges from  8 -13.  However if you are older you can still sign up.

Is it a large camp?  

Because it is a small camp of 20 fencers, we do not regroup the campers. They are one big group and will be split up during drills according to their ages and skill level.

What times are camp?  

Fencing camp runs half day from 9 a.m - 12 p.m.

What will it cost me?  

The cost of camp is $325 (Including a $100 Non-Refundable Deposit).

Do I need to buy equipment? 

We will provide all equipment.  You should bring a water bottle and long sweat pants.

Is fencing safe? 

The National Athletic Trainers' Association places the low injury rate for fencing as comparable to tennis, golf and rowing, and far below soccer, basketball and football.